My business is small, could a website be of any benefit?

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Yes. In many ways, the smaller the business, the more cost effective and useful a website can become. This is because smaller businesses are nearly always at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the budget available for advertising and promotional materials. However, an effective website really can help level the field. For instance…

Small, low cost media advertisements can refer to the website. Visitors then go to the site to find much more information than could ever be contained in an advertisement. For example, the site can have colour illustrations, case studies, customer testimonials, news on recent projects, etc.

High quality brochures, catalogues and other printed materials are expensive to produce and then costly and time consuming to send out. These costs can be eliminated or reduced when your business has an effective website.

Potential customers or clients can obtain extra information at any time, day, night or weekend, when you, or your staff might not be available to handle enquires.

Potential customers or clients can make first contact via e-mail, again at any time.

A very small business’s ‘professionally designed website’ can look just as good as that of a large organisation.

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